Phillip Hunter
"Losing my little man has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. But I couldn't think of a better way to honour his memory than to have him cremated so I could keep him with me forever. The turn around, quality (photobox) and compassion/understanding shown both by Struggletown Vet and Petrest has been amazing. Thank you so much for looking after my boy and getting him back to me so fast. I will of course recommend your services to anyone who has lost a furry friend."
Ernie & Lyn Nicholls - Alice Springs
"I would like to thank Gabby and staff at 'Petrest' for all the comforting support you gave us when we needed it most with the loss of our little boy "REBEL" we cannot thank you enough for the service and care you provided."
M Nguyen
"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Gabby and Petrest for your customer care in the handling of my beloved little girl. You made a difficult time that little bit easier and I am so very grateful for your kindness, understanding and prompt service in delivering her back home.

You do a truly amazing thing.

Thank you so much."
Dennis and Di Grosve
"Our sincere thanks go to all at Petrest for your sensitivity and the quality of your service. Our dear cat Chester (fifteen and a half) passed away over Easter. Petrest's quick response to our enquiry regarding individual cremation coupled with the prompt return of Chester's ashes helped ease our pain at his loss. The thought put into the scatter box (decorated with a sprig of lavender) containing his ashes is testimony to the genuine empathy this establishment must feel for pet owners suffering grief. Thank you Petrest."
James and Sara Chapman
"I would just like to say thank you very much for handling my dog Jake Chapman. I picked up the stone today from Sylvania Vets. He is finally at rest and happy to have him home...

Thank you so much."
Karen and Peter - Ashfield NSW
"We would like to thank the team at Croydon Park Veterinary Clinic and the staff at Petrest for taking care of our rhanimuch loved German Shepherd "Rhani". She was a beautiful, gentle and loyal family member and we will miss her dearly. We are so grateful for the care and support provided to us at this difficult time. Rhani’s stacking stones have been returned to us and have taken pride of place in her garden. She will always be with us. Thank you."
Natalie and family
"Dear Petrest

Please accept our sincerest appreciation in returning our big boy Nanook. He was our special Samoyed of 13.5 years. When we got him he was the beginning of our family unit, now with another aging Samoyed and 2 little girls aged 8 and 9 we are left grieving for him but know that he will be eternally in our hearts and the foundation of what our family is built on. The compassion, love and care our girls have for each other and everyone in this family started when we bought our little boy then home. We will miss him dearly but with his ashes returned, he sits with us in our lounge room as he did every night for the past 13.5 years. Thanks for all your kind consideration during this very hard time."
Philip Cheng, Sydney
"Happy was our first dog and he grew up with me. I have never experienced a loss

that was happyso close before. It's hard to go through a time like this, but the way Petrest and Bexley Veterinary Hospital handled everything with so much professionalism and empathy has made it much easier for this part of life. Having Happy's ashes returned so quickly, in a wonderfully presented glass top photo box and paw prints will keep our, never to forgetHappy with us forever. You guys are truly amazing at what you do, and very much needed.I can't thank you guys enough for the care and support provided to us.

Thank you so much."
"Dear Gaby,

It is exactly 1 year today since I lost my dear little Beau when I sent you the following message: My heartfelt thanks to you and your cremator for the compassionate service you gave me last week for my request to obtain a lock of hair and for keeping me informed along the way. I think the people who organise human cremations could learn a lot from the service you provide and the beautiful vessel in which my dear little Beau's ashes were returned in.

The pain is still so raw but thanks to you and the speed with which he has been returned to me is making each day a little bit easier in Struggle Street. 12 months on please again accept my sincerest thanks and gratitude."
"I would like to thank Sylvie and Petrest for taking good care of our beloved Sophie. We lost our beautiful girl of 14 years unexpectedly and suddenly, and what followed was some of the most difficult and painful days. We now have a beautiful memorial of our Sophie and she is now home with us once again. "
Rachel (and Mack)
"I recently lost my beloved dog Mack after a battle with cancer. He was my first dog and was 14.5 years old when he lost his fight, he wanted to live, he still loved life but we just couldn't beat the cancer. The staff at the Animal Referral Hospital at Homebush were amazing in supporting Mack and me through his illness and when it was time to say good bye Petrest were there to make everything as easy as it could be at such a difficult time. I collected Mack's ashes from the Animal Referral Hospital last Friday and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with his beautiful silver paw print urn, it really does help to have him home again. I also asked to have an ink print of his paw prints. I expected that this would be on paper or cardboard, but I was absolutely thrilled to find that Petrest had taken perfect prints from Mack's paws and framed them in a black frame with his name and dates on a lovely silver plaque. It was such a wonderful surprise and made a day that I expected to be extremely difficult, very special. I can't thank you enough for the caring you showed and this beautiful keepsake that I will treasure always."
Luisa and Italo
"Dear Petrest

Thank you very much for the beautifully polished and presented wood box with the ashes of our cherished 18 year old cat Sabbe. The gold plaque finish and the lavender touch is beautiful. It was my partner’s idea to have her cremated and what a good idea it was. Sabbe will always be with us, safe and sound.

Gillian & Mark
"Dear Petrest,

We just wanted to thank you for being so caring and considerate in organising the cremation of our much loved budgie Doug. It's a sad time, but we now have his ashes to remind us of the happiness he brought to our family.

Thanks again"
Gail Wright
"I would like to say my heartfelt thanks for comfort and compassion you showed to me on the passing of my beloved Percy who at over 20yrs had a long a loving life. Most of all you were able to give a 11 & 13 year old boys the peace that when he came home from you he would always be with us. We are selling our home and the very thought of leaving him here was extremely painful for them and for me. Your driver should be commended for his gentleness and care that he took when he picked him up from our vet. I was informed of this by the staff when I picked up his ashes and they have taken your details from me.

Thankyou so very much for everything and will be recommending your services to many."
Dennis Burrows
"We are writing to thank you for your prompt , efficient, and caring service for Dre. Your representative who attended to the process must be commended on her approach to a sensitive and sad task. We thank you for your efforts and we would highly recommend you to others."
"Ralph and Roger

To all the lovely people at Petrest, today we received our beloved Beagle Ralph and Terrier Roger in their beautiful natural sandstone vessel. It is lovely. Thank you for taking such good care of our darling boys and for giving them back to us so that they are always with us.
Many thanks and best wishes."
Michelle & Matt Kent

Our family live on the Central Coast & I am sending you this email to thank you for attending to our beautiful Bull dog Roxy,who passed away on the 21/11/2018.
It was such a shock for us all & our hearts were broken.
The loss we felt for her cannot be measured, she was only 3 &1/2 yrs old.

When we received her last Monday, we expected something similar to what our beautiful Jack Russell (14 yrs old) came back to us in, {he was in a cheap looking pot, we weren’t given a choice like we we’re with you. I got the lid off & he was in a zip lock bag... We were devastated all over again.}

When Roxy came back to us, we we’re so grateful, we cried all over again.
Your professionalism & caring are first class, please accept this as our personal thanks."
Paul Forrest
"Bruno Forrest: 1 May 2007 - 25 April 2019.

I would like to thank St Ives Veterinary Surgery and Petrest for the exceptional care and support in taking care of Bruno during his life and passing. A heartbreaking time for those who knew this loving, kind, charismatic and fun loving soul. Bruno brought joy to everyone who met him and took you away from any troubles you may have been having at that moment. Sadly, advanced cancer & dementia became too much for him and I had to make the humane decision to put him to sleep. I just hope Bruno and Dad are catching up in heaven as they always had great rapport and chemistry in life."
Caitlin Coady
"Dear Petrest,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping us after our loss of our guinea pig Allan. After contacting several companies we got no help and no compassion. One requested we “store” him for 5 days (he had passed away at home) until they could come collect. One suggested that going to a petshop and buying a new one that day would help with our grief.

After contacting our vet and being given your details, we were instantly relieved by the understanding and prompt service Petrest offered. Today we picked up our little guy who is beautifully laid to rest in his timber box.

Thank you, from all of our family."
Love Rose
"Dear Denise

Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your wonderful team of people at Petrest,
the engravers and any other service providers you use.
I really appreciate the lengths you all went to, to ensure that I was happy with Leroy’s final resting place.

Whatever queries or requests I had, you were always able to find a solution.

You were kind, caring, gentle and compassionate.

Losing my beloved Leroy was very emotional and you brought warmth and comfort to me.

You have a wonderful and professional service that I will highly recommend to all my family and friends.

Thank you again and bless you all"
David & Sue - Killara
"We would like to thank the staff at VetMed West Lindfield for their care and support of Casper our beloved cat of almost 20 years.

Also to the caring staff at Petrest who took such good care of him at short notice and returned him to us with understanding and respect.

He was the second of our cats to pass away this year and the service has been exceptional again."
Ainslie Opiela - Rose Bay
"I'm sending a big heart felt thanx to you all for returning my Darling little cat in such a beautiful way. She was returned to me in such a sensitive manner just be fitting her. Her beautiful box with the lavender has taken pride of place. Thankyou once again not only from me but also from 'Bella' herself as she will remain forever happy and at peace."
"I wanted to thank you so much for caring for my cat Banjo who I had to say goodbye to last week. After fifteen and a half years of sharing my life with him, I was devastated, but was comforted when he was returned home to me so quickly. The timber box was beautiful. Special people do the job that you do."
"Dear Folks at Petrest,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your care and professionalism. I loved the sweet, little timber box you had provided for my dear Oscar's ashes, complete with the raffia bow and lavendar detail; very sweet indeed, just as I shall always remember him.

You will come highly recommended for your easy, no-fuss service."
Helen and Mary
"We recently lost TUX the Elder Cat, our much loved 20 year old moggie, which was unexpected in spite of her years as she was in relatively fine health. Our Vets, Seaforth Vets,

sent her to Petrest for us and she was returned promptly in a beautiful wooden box with her name on a plate on the top. The service was quick and effortless thanks to the staff

at both Petrest and Seaforth Vets.

We would like to also acknowledge the wonderful care Libby and Hendrika (TUX's vets) gave her over the years and the caring and sensitive attitudes they showed to us in

a very painful and difficult time. All of the staff at Seaforth are outstanding from the Vets to the Nurses to the Front Desk Staff. Thank you all so much.

We were impressed with Petrest and will certainly use their services again when our beloved bordoodle Clancy decides it's time to go play with TUX again but we're hoping

that's still some time off. "